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Posted by VixartStudios - June 6th, 2019

Made another post on my blog if anyone wants to see it.

It's mostly just a progress report on what i'm doing, along with some sneak peeks on the story.

Here's a link to the post:

LINK: https://vibrant-inklings.blogspot.com/2019/06/writing-progress-1.html


Posted by VixartStudios - May 26th, 2019

Hey so...uh anyone remember that art competition I joined a while back and made an entry for? The one from Jazza on the topic of isolation.

well, it's currently WAY past the deadline (Which was the 17th of this month) and the winners SHOULD have been chosen by now, and Jazza pretty much said that everyone participating would receive the email with the winners.

But, the thing is...I have not received any email, it's just not in my inbox, it wasn't put into spam, it's just not there. I looked all over for a way to contact him to find out whats going on, found his twitter, DM's are apparently disabled as i can't send him one, so i tweeted at him asking whats going on, no responce. Then a couple days later I saw he was being active on twitter, I retweeted my previous tweet to him and asked him to read it, still no response, that retweet happened another two days ago.

So I don't know what to do? I have no idea whats going on regarding the art competition, or the email I was supposed to get. and Jazza hasn't been responding and I can't find anywhere else to contact him other than twitter (He has a facebook but I don't have one or know how it works.)

so yeah...Does anyone know whats going on? I still don't have a clue and Jazza hasn't been of much help right now

Posted by VixartStudios - May 21st, 2019

Made a post on my blog

LINK: vibrant-inklings.blogspot.com/…

It's about Shifters, it's fairly short compared to my other posts on there, but it feel it's needed.

Also, for whatever reason, the first paragraph is highlighted in black and I don't know why, I tried to get rid of it but it just won't go away.

And, you know...After having this blog for this long, the name is starting to grow on me (The name is Vibrant Inklings), it was originally just a place holder name, but I actually really like it now so I guess i'll keep it